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How to get to Bohemian Switzerland Ridge Trail

Boarding points: Tisá – Děčín – Hřensko – Mezní Louka – Jetřichovice – Krásná Lípa – Jedlová station

Whether you decide to hike the entire Bohemian Switzerland Ridge Trail or choose just one of the stages, you are in for a truly unique experience that will leave you in awe. Now, let's figure out how to get to the starting point of each stage. In general, it's best to leave your car at home. The transport system in the Ústí Region is highly efficient, and transportation accessibility is excellent. In the following paragraphs, you will learn precisely where to go.

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How to get to Tisá | stage #1

BUS 452 from Ústí nad Labem (Ústí – Libouchec – Tisá – Petrovice)

There are frequent train connections from Prague to Ústí nad Labem. The train ride takes 75 minutes to reach Ústí nad Labem, and an additional 30 minutes to get to Tisá. If you're coming from Tisá, this is the route to take. From Petrovice, you can access the Ore Mountains Ridge Trail. The train operates daily throughout the year.

BUS 471 from Ústí nad Labem (Ústí – Libouchec – Tisá – Sněžník)

It runs on weekends and holidays during the season, until the end of October. Line 432 connects Děčín to Libouchec. This connection can also be used to start from the village of Sněžník.

BUS 217 from Pirna (Pirna – Bahratal – Petrovice – Tisá – Sněžník – Rosenthal – Königstein)

This lesser-known route is operated by a German carrier and payments are made in euros. It allows for partial transfers between Petrovice, Tisa, and Sněžnik. The service is available on weekends and holidays from April through the end of October.

Jedlová U8 Lužické hory-zmanš.jpg

How to get to Děčín | stage #1 and #2

BY TRAIN EC Berliner or R680 Labe from Prague (through Ústí nad Labem) 

Děčín is easily accessible by train from Prague and Ústí nad Labem. The fastest connection takes 90 minutes. There is also a direct "Labe" express train. Train connections between Prague and Decin are excellent. Trains run every 30-60 minutes. Specific connections can be found on

BY TRAIN EC Berliner from Berlin or Dresden

The most convenient way to reach Děčín from Dresden in Saxony or Berlin is by train. The direct train from Berlin will take you to the city center without any transfers. The train also continues to Prague. For specific connections, please visit

BY TRAIN from Liberec (Liberec – Mimoň – Česká Lípa – Benešov nad Pl.)

The best connection is by train via Liberec from Liberec, Hradec Králové, Pardubice and the surrounding area. From there, the train continues through the Lusatian Mountains and Česká Lípa to Děčín. The ride takes less than 2 hours. You can find the specific connection at

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How to get to Hřensko | stage #2 and #3

Combination TRAIN + FERRY

You can take a train from Děčín to Hřensko. In Děčín, you will transfer to a passenger train and purchase a DÚK tariff ticket to Hřensko. When you reach Schöna station in Germany, you will disembark and then use the ferry included in your ticket to cross the Elbe River to Hřensko. The ferry ride is a unique experience as you will be sailing on the lowest point of our republic, only 115 meters above sea level. Don't forget to bring all necessary documents with you. The train operates year-round, departing every 120 minutes.

BUS 438 from Děčín (Děčín – Hřensko – Mezní Louka – Mezná)

This is the main access route to the national park. From Hřensko, you can take the bus to Janov, Hájenky, and Mezní Louka (Ridge Trail), then proceed to the Pravčická gate. Another option is to take the bus from Mezní Louka to Šaunštejn and Rudolf's Stone (Ridge Trail). If starting from Mezná, you can descend to the gorges. The bus route is the same as line 434 up to the Mezní Louka station and operates all year round.

BUS 434 from Děčín (Děčín – Hřensko – Mezní Louka – Jetřichovice – Chřibská – Doubice – Kyjov – Krásná Lípa)

Remember this line. It will take you from any village back to your starting point and allow you to board any stage. This is the mainstay of tourist transport in the region, and it runs every day of the year.

11 ferry on the Elbe (Schmilka) - cyclists, photo J. Laštůvka (1).jpg

How to get to Mezní Louka and Jetřichovice | stages #3, #4 and #5

BUS 434 from Děčín (Děčín – Hřensko – Mezní Louka – Jetřichovice – Chřibská – Doubice – Kyjov –Krásná Lípa)

The backbone line across the national park will take you to the starting points of stages 3 and 4, i.e. Mezní Louka and Jetřichovice. You can find the specific connection at

BUS 436 from Děčín (Děčín – Srbská Kamenice – Jetřichovice)

The shortest route from Děčín to Jetřichovice and back. This route operates year-round, allowing you to go on a hike at any time. It also runs on weekends but with reduced frequency. You can find the specific schedule at

BUS 469 from Česká Lípa (ČL – Sloup – N. Bor – Č. Kamenice – Jetřichovice)

The Liberec regional line runs from the Lusatian Mountains and Nový Bor area to Jetřichovice. From the end of May to the end of September, it operates thrice daily on weekends and holidays. For details on the connection, visit

01-DSC_4656-Hřensko nábřeží.JPG

How to get to Krásná Lípa | stage #5 and #6

BUS 434 from Děčín (Děčín – Hřensko – Mezní Louka – Jetřichovice – Chřibská – Doubice – Kyjov – Krásná Lípa)

This green bus will take you to multiple starting points in Hřebenovka, including Krásná Lípa, which is the eastern center of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. The ride is a bit longer, but the views are spectacular. However, if you are departing from Prague, there are better transportation options available for getting to Krásná Lípa.

BY TRAIN T10 Lusatia express from Prague (Mladá Boleslav – Česká Lípa – Jedlová – Krásná Lípa)

Enjoy a leisurely train ride on a vintage diesel locomotive with a bar. The journey takes slightly over 3 hours, but the scenery is fantastic. The train departs every weekend and on bank holidays from April until October. You can board the train in Mladá Boleslav or Česká Lípa.

BY TRAIN T9 from Liberec (Liberec – Zittau – Varnsdorf – Rybniště – Krásná Lípa) 

The only train connection between Liberec and the Šluknov promontory operates every weekend and holiday until the end of October. You can easily combine this with the bus service from Prague to Liberec.

BY TRAIN T2 from Děčín (Děčín – Česká Kamenice – Jedlová – Krásná Lípa)

It is convenient to travel from the West to reach two starting points relatively quickly, such as Krásná Lípa or Jedlová train station. From there, you can take the train to Děčín after completing the Ridge Trail and change to the EC Berliner for a direct connection to Prague.


How to get to Jedlová | stage #6

BY TRAIN T10 Lusatia express from Prague (Mladá Boleslav – Česká Lípa – Jedlová – Krásná Lípa)

The scenic train from Prague, via Mladá Boleslav and Česká Lípa, stops at the Ridge Trail—Jedlová station. This vintage train offers a stylish way to depart Bohemian Switzerland, but it only operates on weekends and holidays from April to the end of October.

BY TRAIN U8 from Děčín (Děčín – Česká Kamenice – Jedlová)

The quickest route from Jedlová to Prague, Ústí nad Labem, and Děčín is available. You can travel to Děčín without needing to change trains. If you're headed to Prague, you will transfer to the EC Berliner, which travels directly, or choose one of the express routes.

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