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stage #1 Left Elbe bank

Through rock towns over Table Mountain and the oldest stone lookout tower to the banks of the Elbe (20 or 18 km)

Petrovice or Tisá – Ostrov – Sněžník – Děčín

From Petrovice: 20,3 km
From Tisá:  17,9 km



From Petrovice: 542 m
From Tisá: 437 m



From Petrovice: 849 m
From Tisá: 850 m

Two rock towns welcome you in Tisá. Each is different, but both are stunning. Whether you wander among rock giants or along the very edge of the high stone walls of the Tisa Walls, you'll be treated to breathtaking views. Another path leads between rock formations hidden in the forest, through Ostrov, which is at the bottom of a gigantic rock pot with a cascade of small ponds. From there, you can climb to the top of the only table mountain in Bohemian Switzerland through the Ostrov rocks and reach the ancient stone tower, a lookout point on the top of Děčínský Sněžník (Děčín Snowy Peak). This vantage point offers views far inland and into Saxony.

Attractions within easy reach

Grenzplatte Lookout (+ 1.5 km from the Island)

Small rock town Rájec (+ 0.5 km from Rájec)

Valley of the Biela river (+ 1 km from Ostrov)

Via ferrata Děčín (+ 0,3 km) 


Elevation profile of the stage. The relative height of 0 m is at the beginning of the stage.

The Ridge Trail descends to Děčín on paths where you won't encounter crowds of tourists. It takes you to the ridge of the massive Shepherd's Wall, which has a remarkable interactive zoo and is the only via ferrata in the country. The zoo is located in the center of the city, and the via ferrata leads to the shore, offering views of the city and Děčín Castle Elbe to the Tyršův most (Tyrš bridge), over which you will cross to the next stage of the Ridge Trail.

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