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The nine rules of the Ridge Trail

Nine practical tips and rules for visiting the Ridge Trail

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Stick to the marked paths.

Unlimited access is permitted throughout the national park, except in the Core Zone and temporarily protected and fenced areas outside marked paths. However, to minimize damage to nature, it is recommended that you stay on the marked trails.

Only places designated for this are allowed for camping or spending the night.

Spending the night in nature is allowed outside the territory of the National Park (NP) and the National Nature Reserve (NNR), provided that you do not set up a tent or other shelter. In the national park, you can spend the night in reserved places—campsites.


The following places are currently legal on the territory of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park:

  • Camping Mezní Louka (on the route)

  • Intercamp Mosquito (+ 2 km)

  • Camping and swimming pool Jetřichovice (on the route)

It is forbidden to sleep in nature:

  • throughout the territory of the national park

  • in the leading sections of the Elbe Canyon National Nature Reserve, i.e. around Spálenisko and the green section below the Belvedere up to the mouth of Suchá Kamenice

Please make sure your pets are always under control.

You can bring your dog on the Ridge Trail, but please keep him on a leash to ensure the safety of other visitors, wild animals, and your dog. The terrain can be hazardous in some areas, so it's important to keep your dog restrained for everyone's safety.

Peace for humans and wild animals.

Please be considerate of those who seek rest from both work and the noise of civilization by refraining from making unnecessary noise. And most importantly, please remember the forest inhabitants. Many wild animals have much more sensitive hearing than humans. Even the loud ringing of a mobile phone, let alone music or shouting, can disturb them.

Keep nature clean.

You will not find bins along most of the routes outside the populated areas of the territory. Therefore, please take your garbage to the appropriate waste disposal location for sorting. Be sure to bring a bag for carrying snack packaging and other items that should not be left in nature.

Leave an aeroplane or drone at home.

Birds and other forest inhabitants are not friends with such flying creatures. So leave the aeroplane or drone at home and enjoy the rustle of the leaves in the tree branches instead of the hum of the propellers.

Make the most of the extensive public transportation system.

When returning to the stage's starting point, it's best to avoid using a car as it can be complicated. Opting for a bus or train allows for environmentally friendly travel by public transport, minimizing impact on nature and saving money.

Not only calves can catch fire on Hřebenovce

Fire poses a significant threat to the natural environment here. Please refrain from starting fires in the forest, including campfires and open-fire cooking. Smoking is also prohibited in all natural areas of the Ridge Trail, providing an additional reason to quit.

Check the current information

Join the Facebook community: Hřebenovka Český Švýcarskem and get the latest information about the events on the route directly from Hřebenáčy from the field.

Community "Hřebenovka Czech Switzerland" on Facebook

If you can bear the details, read the official nature conservation documents:

Rules for visiting the České Švýcarsko national park and the Labské pískovce PLA

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