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Stage #6 Krásná Lípa surroundings

Around the bird sanctuary through a rock adit and along the Way of the Cross to the Lusatian Mountains (13.5 km)

Krásná Lípa – Horní Podluží – Jiřetín pod Jedlovou –Jedlová – Tolštejn – Jedlová station

13.5 km


382 m


286 m

Krásná Lípa has a lot to offer to visitors. It features the House of Bohemian Switzerland with an exhibition, a brewery, and a sports centre. The Ridge Trail continues along a lovely path around the protected ornithological area of Velký rybník (Big pond) towards the Jiřetín pod Jedlovou region. The trail passes by the St. John the Evangelist Drift, a former silver mining site, before reaching the centre of the picturesque village. Moving from the square, the path leads to Křížová hora (Cross Hill), which is known for being one of the most beautiful Stations of the Cross in the Czech Republic.

Attractions within easy reach

Big pond (on the route)

St. John the Evangelist Drift (+ 0.4 km)

Křížová cesta (na trase)

Windmill Světlík (+ 2 km)

Jedlová, peak (on route)

Tolštejn Castle (on the route)


Elevation profile of the stage. The relative height of 0 m is at the beginning of the stage.

From Boží hrob (The Holy Sepulchure) the Ridge Trail lives up to its name by following a meadow ridge that provides views of the Lusatian Mountains on the left and the whole of Bohemian Switzerland on the right. At the top of Jedlová, there is a stone lookout tower with a pleasant restaurant. You will pass through a beautiful beech tree area to reach the ruins of Tolštejn Castle. After exploring the castle, you will descend along the Ridge Trail to reach Jedlová station, hidden in the woods, where you will reach the hundredth kilometre of the Bohemian Switzerland Ridge Trail. From the station, you can continue towards the ridge of the Lusatian Mountains. Symbolically, you cross the footbridge over the main road into the hinterland, and you have more kilometres of the Ridge Trail ahead of you, this time leading to Liberec.

Recommended services on the route
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