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etapa #2 Right Elbe bank

Along the ridge of rocks above the Elbe Canyon to the baroque viewpoint and the strangest house (20.5 km)

Děčín – Kvádrberk – Pink ridge – Belvedere – Labská Stráň – Hřensko

20.5 km


456 m


463 m

It wouldn't make sense to be in Děčín and not pass through the extensive grounds of the Thun Castle with the longest baroque brick access road in the world. Hřebenovka will wait a while and then he will show you the way through the forest park to the Císařská lookout on Kvádrberk hill, which competes well with the views of Děčín from Pastýřská stěny. Here begins a breathtaking journey along the ridge of the rock massif bordering the right bank of the Elbe Canyon, the deepest sandstone canyon in Europe.

Attractions within easy reach

Děčín Castle (+ 1 km from Děčín)

Elbe guard (on route)

Sun Gate (+ 2 km from the Pink Lookout)

Belvedere (on the route)


Elevation profile of the stage. The relative height of 0 m is at the beginning of the stage.

The historical viewpoints, sometimes stone structures, culminate in an in-depth view from the Pink Ridge and the baroque viewpoint of the Belvedere, where concerts and theaters were held and carriages drove here. From here, the Elbe Canyon is truly spectacular. Hřebenovka descends through the steep stream of Suché Kamenice through real wilderness. The finish of the stage is already close, Hřensko awaits you with the most bizarre building of the entire route, the Old Gas Station.

Attention! The Suchá Kamenice Valley is temporarily closed

It is not possible to pass through the Suchá Kamenice valley this year due to the clean-up of the consequences of the bark beetle disaster. You can easily bypass the closure by following the green marked route from Belvedér to Hřensko.

Recommended services on the route
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