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Before you set off...

practical information in one place

itineraries – map – GPX files – recommendations

schematic map of the Bohemian Switzerland Ridge Trail

Complete route itinerary for download


Download the complete itinerary that will guide you through the individual stages of the Ridge Trail step by step. With the full itinerary, you won't have to constantly check your mobile phone at every crossroads to find the right way. You can easily print the itinerary on A4.

The comprehensive itinerary includes:


  • Bus and train stops (in case you need to make a quick getaway).

  • Mileage: distance within each stage and total distance of the entire Ridge Trail.

  • The colour of the KČT tourist markings makes finding your way around the terrain more manageable.

  • Tips for exciting places, accommodation, and catering.

Download each stage separately by clicking on the link

Use navigation? GPX is useful for you.


Upload the GPX file to your phone's navigation or map application, and the route of the Ridge Trail or individual stages will be loaded. Then you can begin your journey. Many smartwatches with navigation also support GPX.

or download each stage separately by clicking on the link.

Transporting people and luggage
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Bag & Bike

Transporting people and luggage.

Do not drag a heavy backpack on your back and have it transferred from accommodation to accommodation. Do you need to throw to the car or the airport? No problem.

Book ahead and enjoy the ride!

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Check the current information

Make sure to join the Facebook community "Hřebenovka Českým Švýcarskem" to get the latest information about events on the route directly from Ridge Trail wanderers in the field.

Community "Hřebenovka Czech Switzerland" on Facebook

You can also find more information in the official nature conservation documents: "Rules for visiting Bohemian Switzerland National Park and the Elbe Sandstones PLA."

If you have any unanswered questions, feel free to reach out to us.

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