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Places you must not miss when visiting Bohemian Switzerland! Some are directly on the route, while others may require a short walk. Either way, you are in for a wide variety of different experiences.

#1 Jetrichovice lookouts

Rudolph's Stone, Vilemina's Wall, and Maria's Rock. These are three viewpoints constructed by the Kinsky noble family, located along the beautiful path running along the edge of the Jetřichovice cliffs. The entire trail offers an exceptional experience, and the views of Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland are absolutely breathtaking.


#2 Kyjov rock trail

The Křinice river area is stunning, and it's not unusual to spot a black stork or a kingfisher. Aside from the coastal path, there's a challenging trail that winds through the rocky terrain above the valley. In winter, the area sees frequent icefalls and formations like ice "stalactites," such as in the Fairy Cave or the Wine Cellar.

#3 Tisa walls

The area features two interconnected sandstone rock cities with stunning rock formations. Over the centuries, people have given picturesque names to the formations. The area has a labyrinth of paths, a path along the edge of a rock wall, and offers views far into the countryside. There are also stone staircases, ladders, and passages to explore.


#4 Pink Ridge

The most beautiful view of this massive rock wall can be enjoyed from the Pink Lookout. From a height of over 400 meters, you can see the towers of the Pink Ridge, the Elbe Canyon, and the Devil's Ridge as if they were in the palm of your hand. This breathtaking view will stay with you forever.

#5 Děčín Snowy Peak

One of the oldest stone lookouts in the Czech Republic sits atop the unique sandstone table mountain. From the observation deck, you can see the Czech border mountains, from the Ore Mountains through the Lusatian and Jizera Mountains and Central Bohemian Highlands. Additionally, the view extends deep into the interior of Bohemia and Saxony.

4) Archiv města Děčín - Labská cyklostezka.jpg

#6 Děčín Castle

The most visited monument of the Ústí Region, the Thun Castle with sightseeing tours - Golden Years of the Děčín Castle , Visit to Prince František Thun and Baroque pearls of the castle - with castle gardens, the unique Long Drive and the Church of the Ascension of St. Crisis.

#7 Kamenice gorges

Mezní Můstek (The boundary bridge), a footbridge that crosses the Kamenice River and is located exactly in the middle of two navigable parts of the deep and narrow rock canyon - Edmund's and Wild gorges. Despite a fire affecting part of the national park, the Wild Gorge remains accessible, and visitors have the option to take a boat ride through the area.


#8 Šaunštejn

The Czech Road is home to the remains of a stunning rock castle. The entire top of the rock massif is equipped with a new securing structure of footbridges and viewpoints, including an entirely new approach to the top. The views from here are some of the most beautiful in Bohemian Switzerland.

#9 Růženka (Sleeping Beauty)

A unique lookout tower called Růženka (Sleeping Beauty) was constructed on Pastevní vrch (Herdsman Hill) in the village of Růžová (Pink Village) a few years ago. Its distinctive design, resembling the architectural style of Jan Kaplický, a renowned Czech architect known for his modern architectural vision, is quite impressive. The tower offers stunning panoramic views of Bohemian Switzerland from its circular observation deck.

Snímek obrazovky 2023-04-16 v 21.20.22.png

#10 Dolsky mill

The impressive ruins of a former mill nestled in a rocky hollow on the banks of Kamenice is the most romantic place in the whole of Bohemian Switzerland. It's one of the close destinations that can be easily reached from the Ridge Trail, for example, through the valley of the crystal-clear Jetřichovická Bělá stream.

#11 Janov lookout tower

Experience the new, year-round, freely accessible metal lookout tower on Janovský vrch above Hřensko. The tower boasts a viewing gallery at a height of thirty meters, providing a unique and uninterrupted view of the sandstone walls surrounding the Pravčická Gate, the gate itself, and the Saxon table mountains.

Pavlino údolí2.jpg

#12 Pauline's Valley

The serene valley of the Chřibská Kamenice River is a nature reserve and a great place for relaxation. At the starting point, there's a small educational trail called Pavlínka, which includes Griesel pond, the rock tunnel of the former drive, and the Rusalka cave.

#13 Cross Hill

It is also known as the "photographers' mountain." Although it may not look like much from a distance, this hill rising above Rynartice is one of the most rewarding places for taking typical landscape portraits of Bohemian Switzerland and the westernmost Lusatian mountains. Those who make the trek will be well rewarded.



The ruins of a once massive and spectacular medieval castle were a popular tourist destination during the romantic era. Thanks to newly built staircases and viewing platforms, visitors can now see parts of Jedlova that were previously inaccessible from the neighboring area.

#15 Stations of the Cross

In 2017, the Czech Monument of the Year was awarded to one of the most beautiful Stations of the Cross in the country. This Passion Way of the Cross, dating back to the late Baroque period, includes the Garden of Gethsemane, the brick stops, the Chapel of the Ascension of St. Crosses, and the Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre. It also features the statue of Ecce Homo and the statue of the Virgin Mary above the well, which is considered miraculous according to legends. All of these can be found in Jiřetín pod Jedlovou.

03 Jiřetín_pod_Jedlovou_křížová_cesta_foto_Jiří_Stejskal.jpg

#16 Narrow Steps

There is a rock chasm with a system of ladders that allows you to either climb up through a narrow opening or descend to the bottom of the gorge. In the 19th century, tourists attempted to navigate this passage while wearing clothing that was often unsuitable for such a cramped space.

#17 House of Bohemian Switzerland

At Křinické Square in Krásná Lípa, there stands a house that is magical in many ways. It houses the trendy interactive exhibition "Bohemian Switzerland - Life, Secrets, Inspiration." You can experience the area's typical and unique features with all your senses. Additionally, there is an excellent Information Center.

Jedlová_,Matyáš Gál.jpg

#18 Jedlová (Fir Mountain)

At the top of the third highest mountain in the Lusatian Mountains, a stone lookout tower from 1891 awaits to offer great views of the Bohemian Switzerland, the Lusatian Mountains, the Jizera Mountains, the Giant Mountains and the Bohemian Central Highlands from its observation deck 23 metres above the surrounding terrain.

#19 Small Pravčická Gate

Not far from Vysoká Lípa stands the smaller sister of Pravčická Gate. Unlike the more famous one, it is possible to climb a natural rock arch and admire the views directly from its top. Its dimensions are 2.3 meters in height, 3.3 meters in width, and 1.5 meters in length. We recommend visiting it together with the lookouts in Jetřichovice or Šaunštejn.


#20 Smuggler's Trail

The scenic footpath leading from Hřensko through Labská and Elisalex lookout to Janov is a beautiful trail. Along the way, you can see military structures (reinforced concrete fortress of light fortification), rock panoramas of the Silver Walls with the Pravčická Gate, the Zirkelstein or Kaiserkrone, the Janov Windmill, and stunning views of the confluence of the Elbe and Kamenice rivers.

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