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Mariina vyhlídka Hřebenovka České Švýcarsko

The Ridge Trail - long-distance walking route

The Bohemian Switzerland Ridge Trail is an immersive walking route that spans 100 kilometers and showcases the most stunning yet lesser-known attractions of the region, including rock formations, walls, breathtaking views, the national park, and its surroundings. The trail takes you from the foot of the Ore Mountains to the first hills of the Lusatian Mountains, along both ancient and newly established paths. This journey is divided into six stages and promises to provide experiences that will deeply resonate with you and remain unforgettable. It has the potential to change your life, but regardless, it will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.

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The Bohemian Switzerland Ridge Route - a long-distance walking route - is divided into six stages. You can complete the entire route from Petrovice to Stožecké sedlo in six days or split it into several visits. The shortest stage is 11 kilometers, and the longest is over 20 kilometers. You can choose to travel from west to east or vice versa. Lodging, meals, and other services are available in the villages along the route. The trailheads are well connected to the tourist transport network. If you want more information about a specific stage, click on the stage of your choice.

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